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  • Dean Butler

    The October 2018 Member Spotlight is Dean Butler

    Dean has been a member of the RCMC for 5 years.  He currently drives a sweet 66.  Dean has owned 12 Mustangs throughout his life.  He had a 2010 GT that he traded in for a Mini Cooper.  He took the Mini to Birmingham to get serviced when he saw the 66 sitting outside of someone’s house.  He did a U-turn and tada, Dean ended up with it.  I guess it’s fitting because his first Mustang was also a 66 Coupe he bought in Europe from a nurse in Heidelberg.  Dean also found a 69 Mach 1 on the side of the autobahn in Germany.  He called a tow truck and they told him if no one claimed it in 90 days then he could get it.  No one claimed it and Dean ended up with a 69 Mach 1. 

    One of his favorites he said was a 68 Bullitt that belonged to a friend from Vietnam.  It took him a year to restore it. 

    Dean spent 22 ½ years in the Army before he retired. He met Liz here in Huntsville, and he has two kids.  He said one of his fondest moments with a Mustang was taking his 2 kids to the Internal Theater in Germany in an American Muscle Car.  (the movie they went to see was Star Wars) 

    This is the first time we have done a Member Spotlight, and it is fitting for Dean to be the very first.  He has done so much for the Club.  The last two May shows we have had a venue because Dean found them :)  If you have had the pleasure of being around Dean, you know he has never met a stranger.  He also has many sayings.  One of my favorites “There are Leaders, Followers, and the ones who fall behind.  Which do you want to be?” 

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