Monthly Note from RCMC President

June 2019

Hi All!

Since I was unable to attend last night's meetings due to being out of town, I'm posting the notes from the club secretary, Chris Dailey:

Guests and New Members: John and Lee with a 09 Bullitt

Read Secretary notes from previous month's meeting: N/A

Treasurer Report was read

Board of Director Report: Will be voting on who we will donate to from the May show.

Coordinator Report: N/a

MCA Rep Report: N/A

New Business: Shane is putting together, and taking suggestions, on cruises that we as a club can do as a club and with other clubs that he talked to at a car show in Tennessee.

We discussed the fall show and that the flyers for it are ready to start passing out.

I had mentioned to Shane that we need to reach out to the RCW and get them in on the show… lots of
ideas that they will like and should show up for .

As always thank you guys and gals for making this Club not just a "Club" but a family!!

Vicki - President, RCMC

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