Monthly Note from RCMC President

January 2019

January President Notes:
Great meeting this past Tuesday! Here are just a few things we went over:
- World of Wheels in Birmingham is scheduled! It's a great show and a great Cruise so hopefully you all can join us. 
- Club dues are due. 
- Looking to make another donation after everyone pays dues.
- Officer responsibilities will be posted and emailed out so everyone knows what is expected from the Officers you all elected.
- If you would like some RCMC shirts and hats, please contact  Shane Suddarth. Daniel Humphreys will be making RCMC some awesome tumblers!!

We all love our cars!! We have taken our love for our cars and have done an EXCELLENT job giving back to our Community. My hats off to you!!! If you know a Company that would like to Sponsor us, please contact me. This Club/Family has grown so much and I think the reason why is because of the good we do!! When you do something good, it brings people together:)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Thanks again for being the BEST Mustang Club!!

President, RCMC

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