Monthly Note from RCMC President

March 2018

Last night David explained we are in the run for the MCA President’s Award. A Club gets certain points for different activities. If the Club reaches 200 pointes, then they receive The President’s Award. We did not set out to try to achieve that award, that’s the cool thing about it. We did donations, supported local Oranizations, all on our own. We were not driven by points; RCMC was driven by a notion of helping others. The Presidents Award is just a bonus we will receive as a Club. It was Our Family who made it happen. Thank you David for keeping track of our activities and ensuring it is turned in on time.

Thank you guys and gals for making this Club/Family what it is. I’ve said it beofre and will say it again…a Club is only as good as its members!!!

If any of you have any ideas on how to improve or make things better, please contact me. We are doing great, but we could always do better in ways to gros.

Remember…”Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open”

Vicki Keane
President, RCMC
MCA# 107151

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