Monthly Note from RCMC President

April 2018

The Facebook Photo of the Month is something that is new and is a hit. We will take those photos and make our first ever Calendar using each car that has won each month. If anyone has any ideas on something the Club could do for fun please let me know.

Car Season is among us, and hopefully Mother Nature will play along and make Saturdays and Sundays full of sunshine:))) That being said, we have quite A LOT coming up so this Summer. Not only car shows, but the 3rd Annual First Responders Appreciation Ride, and 3rd Annual Thin Blue Line Ride. We will keep you posted on those.

Our bug problems have been solved!! We have Holts Pest Control and Cooks Pest Control onboard as Sponsors! Thank you both for helping the Club.

May Show is pretty much here! The Show Committee has been working hard and we are ready to put another Great Show in the books!! As always, we will need everyone's help the day of the Show. And just when the Show Committee thinks they can take a break, we will be hitting the pavement again for our September Show.

Soon we will be asking Active Members what Organization or Cause they recommend we donate to, so be thinking about that.

April was hard on some members. We had a couple that had surgery and Nikoli lost his Mother. We wish those who had surgery a speedy recovery and our thoughts and Prayers are with Nikoli.

As always, and I can never say this enough, thank you!!! Thank you to the guys and gals who make up this Club, which is more than just a Club, it is Family.

Vicki, President RCMC

President, RCMC

Life Is Too Short To Drive A Boring Car:))

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