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July 2019

Hi All,

Well, even with the rain we had a pretty good turn out this past Tuesday at our Monthly meeting. I know some have schedules that don’t allow them to make meetings, so this is why we have these emails. Want to keep everyone updated:) Reminder, Officer Elections are next month and nominee selections and guidance will be towards the bottom.

We have the donations that the members have selected to donate to. These will go forward to the BOD and we will start donating during the fall. The funds are from our May Car Show and donations from our Sponsors.

GREAT NEWS: The Mustang Club of America Presidents Award should be coming your way!! 100 points is all that is needed, and you all got 140 points. You get points for new members, parades…etc. We are not a Point Driven Club and we don’t do anything for “Points” but if they are giving out an Award for the Clubs that are AWESOME, you bet I asked David to put us in for it.

We also talked about a “Mystery Cruise”. Ella brought up the idea of the Club doing that, GREAT idea Ella! One person will select a destination that no one else will know. We will meet up and go!! More details to follow on that. Sounds like some fun to me!!

The Officers met on 9 July for their monthly meeting and here are a few points of interest of that:

1: Leigh Marshall from Kids to Love will come to a monthly meeting to give us information about the Organization that our Club is sponsoring for this Septembers Car Show.

2: We also voted not to send the current MCA Rep, David Turner to the National MCA Regional Directors Conference. The funds could be used elsewhere. (Maybe more than 4 bikes for Bikes or Bust)

3: Chris Dailey said he would not be running for Secretary again.

Elections are next month at our monthly meeting. All Officer Positions are up for election every year. Current Officer position holders are President (Vicki), Vice President (Shane Suddarth), Treasurer (Chad Whisnant), and Secretary (Chris Dailey).

Media/ Public Affairs, Website, Coordinator and MCA Rep are nominated by President.

President: As I stated at the Club meeting, I am running for President again this year. Chris Dailey is also running for President as of today.

Vice President: Shane Suddarth is running. Treasurer: Chad Whisnant is running again. Secretary: Chris Dailey is not running. Jimmy Krantz is running as of today.

So, if you would like to nominate yourself for an Officer position, please reply to me and let me know what position you would like and I will update the list. Voting will be at our next monthly meeting. 

As always thank you guys and gals for making this Club not just a "Club" but a family!!
Vicki - President, RCMC

June 2019

Hi All!

Since I was unable to attend last night's meetings due to being out of town, I'm posting the notes from the club secretary, Chris Dailey:

Guests and New Members: John and Lee with a 09 Bullitt

Read Secretary notes from previous month's meeting: N/A

Treasurer Report was read

Board of Director Report: Will be voting on who we will donate to from the May show.

Coordinator Report: N/a

MCA Rep Report: N/A

New Business: Shane is putting together, and taking suggestions, on cruises that we as a club can do as a club and with other clubs that he talked to at a car show in Tennessee.

We discussed the fall show and that the flyers for it are ready to start passing out.

I had mentioned to Shane that we need to reach out to the RCW and get them in on the show… lots of
ideas that they will like and should show up for .

As always thank you guys and gals for making this Club not just a "Club" but a family!!

Vicki - President, RCMC

May 2019

Hi all,

Well, our Spring Show has come and gone. I appreciate those who replied with recommendations for the upcoming Shows, there is always room for improvement. Those will be brought up at our Officers Monthly Meeting. Despite the weather we had a great turn out and it was a lot of fun!! The proceeds from that Show will go towards making donations to local Organizations. An email will come out next week asking for your input.

As we transition into Summer, we will be working the details for our Fall Show. This year, all proceeds will be going to "Kids to Love." I highly recommend you click on the link and see what this Organization is all about. 

Besides gearing up for the Fall Show, RCMC will also be donating and attending Car Shows. (and any other activities that pop up between now and October)

The Cruise in at Sonic for our "After Show Meeting" was very relaxing this past Tuesday. It was just a way for us to hang out and relax. Thank you to those who could make it:)

Thank you again for all you do for the RCMC Family:)

President, RCMC

April 2019

Hi All,

We had a great turn out at our meeting this month!! I know with work schedules and such not everyone can make them, so this will catch you up:)

April was busy!! We went to Guntersville Municipal Airport and had some good breakfast and helped the kids who were serving the breakfast raise some money. Jan and Joel went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Joel even gave a shout out to the Rocket City Mustang Club for coming back out. We took photos with planes and even drove on the run way. One would think it couldn't get much better, but it did. A HUGE thank you to Matthew Kearney for setting up the photo opportunity with Maverick. We had fun full day!!

The Annual Valley Vettes and RCMC Spring Cruise was rescheduled, but a few folks went and I heard they had a great time!

We celebrated National Mustang Day with Woody Anderson Ford. Woody Anderson worked with their Mustang Club to make the event success and it was!! We are already working on plans to make next year even better!! 

Our May Show is literally here folks!! Clear your schedule for 11 May. All hands on deck!! Be on the lookout for an email with details on what is required from everyone in order to make this Car Show a success. Keep in mind that this show helps RCMC donate to different Organizations that you, the Members select. After all, helping the Community is what brings us closer together.

As always, if you have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Let the Car Show Season Begin!!!

Thank you again for making this Club not just a Club, but a Family!!

President, RCMC

March 2019


Get comfy!! There is A LOT of great information:)

We had a great time at the St. Patrick's Day Parade!! 17 Cars in all, not too shabby, especially considering quite a few went to the Mustang Museum opening that same day. They traveled with some other Mustang Folks and said they had a great time!! We will put together a cruise so everyone can go.

We are working hard to get everything together for our All Ford Powered Car Show on 11 May. If you know of any business that would like to donate 100 items to put in the goody bags, please contact me. If you know of any Business who would like to donate a door prize, please contact me. As always, vendors are welcome. It will cost them $20 to set up. Let me know if you know of anyone interested. The proceeds for this car show helps us donate to different Organizations, that you, the members select.

Our September Car Show Organization that we are donating all of the proceeds to will be "Kids To Love." They have helped over 225,000 kids in foster care waiting to be adopted. Thank you Teresa for recommending them:)

Admin Note: David Turner graciously stepped in as MCA Rep and has been doing a FANTASTIC job. He also held the V.P. position at the same time. He will continue to be our Regional MCA Rep and focus directly on that. I know he has already been submitting articles and information about RCMC to The Mustang Club of America Magazine. Your Family will be back in the Magazine before you know it and will be represented well with David leading it.

In the interim, I have asked Shane Suddarth to step in as Vice President. He said yes:) Thank you Shane!! You will be receiving your weekly upcoming events and Facebook updates from Shane. So now you will know who that is when you get the emails:) He is a perfect fit with his experience with Clubs.

We have a lot of events coming up. Our Guntersville Airport breakfast and photo shoot (13 April), Cruise with Valley Vettes (14 April), and RCMC will be celebrating National Mustang Day with our Sponsor Woody Anderson (17 April) at Woody Anderson. We will follow up with information about all of those events.

Also, please welcome Doug Newton from Recon Techs as our new Sponsor. Its your 1 stop shop for your car needs:)

I just want to thank you all again for your time and commitment for making this the BEST Mustang Family!! There are other Clubs around, but none like the one you all have created!!

One last thing.....Car Season Has Started so lets have some fun!!

Vicki, President, RCMC

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